Everything I share,

is created with the intention to support you in  experiencing more 

Highvibe energy 

of peace, balance & wellbeing in your life,

humanity & the future

- Lotus Dayande

What we invest our energy & money in, is what we create more of in the world
Your lifeforce & attention is the most valuable form of ressource in this world.
Every time you spend your energy, attention or money on something,
you give it life & nurture it with your choices.
The more people invest their energy in something, the more people make sure there will be more of that thing in the furture.  Every choice & action we take, is a vote on the future we wish for ourself, the planet & the next generations.
We have the power and responsibility to strive to invest our energy in what nurtures ourself and others the most. What nurtures humanity, the planet & the future we want to experience the most. The future we would love to experience ourself and that we would be proud to pass on to the next generation.
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What is an intutive reading?

An intutive reading is basically a mirror, looking into your current flow of energy and what kind of experiences that is flowing towards, while simuntanieusly holding space for your subconscious, your inner wisdom and the authentic you to reveal itself.

I use tarot cards as my tool to connect my intuition with the messages your energy allows me to translate into words, in order to mirror you in a loving, honest and respectful way. 

I am only able to see what you are open and ready to hear, and what is nurturing and helpful to your highest best and authentic inner truth.

An intutive reading is a safe space to seek clarity and to own our ability to change our life with clarity. When we know better, we do better - and the tarot cards can help us spot what we forgot, misunderstood or havent realised yet. 

Face-to-face reading

A face-to-face reading is basically a half an hour, 1 hour or 2 hours, where I'm holding space for you and is completely presence with you. In this timewe will have time to look into 1-6 questions depending on how deep they goes. I will hold space for you and everything that comes up to be looked at, and if you feel like sharing or diving into something specific, know it's a safe space and everything personal you share with me of course stays between us. 

I mainly do online sessions.


It can be a very healing experience to be seen this way, because the tarot cards often confirm something we already knew, but just had temporaily forgot. 

Written reading

A written intuitive reading is for you, if you have a simple specific question or focus you would like to look into.

 I will connect with your energy and the archetype energies of the tarot cards, in order to look into your current flow of energy and where it is currently taking you, with the life you are living right now, to give you some insight and clarity about your focus or question.

I Will send you your answer on email.

An example of a question or focus could be "How can I trust more" or "What can I do to align with a job that feels nurturing to my  soul". 

I always consider Lady Earth & the future generations, when I create something new
I believe we borrow the planet from the future generation, and that the earth have kindly agreed to
let us live on her, so that we as beings and a collective consciousness can evolve and elevate to her
level of natural Highvibe well being, balance, compassion, love & flow with the universe
 And I personally experience that our own consciousness, awareness & inner state affects how we treat our earth and every other living being around us.
We often radiate & repeat the kind of energy with the world, that we feel inside & allow to be our reality. We see & experience the world, as we exists and experience ourselves.
Everything I create, is created with the intention that I want it to serve the elevation & well being of humanity, the planet, all living beings & the future. 
I believe that the more we focus on creating well being for all and invest our energy in creating well being for all, the more do we allow & create it into reality. 
That is why compassion, earth care, love, kindness, wisdom, embodied experiences, elevating tools & consciousness are core values of my Highvibe services & platforms.
Compassion is our ability to prevent & soothe pain, while love is the universal force that makes everything thrive. When we consciously choose & act with compassion and love, kindness emerges, which is our ability to make seemingly opposites merge in a balanced, respectful way where they can coexist in harmoni. 
You are perfectly you - I know  there is space for a many truths in this universe, as there is beings that have a truth. I believe the truth is the sum of all truths. There is space for bothness.
- All love
Lotus Dayande