Your tongue is your wand

Repeat after me: All good comes to me from everyone, everywhere and everything 〰️

Words are spells, because every time we share our words, we also share them with our own consciousness and subconscious. All a spell really is, is words we strongly believe in.

That is one of the reasons it's so important to be aware of the words we think inside and speak out loud, because many HuMans unconsiously create realities with their words. .

For example- if you keep thinking you are beautiful, you will at one point believe it. And this will affect your inner state, your emotions and what you radiate to the world, that in turn will affect how the world meet you and treat you 〰️ Words are the tool we use to shape our beliefs and focus, that we use to shape our experiences and our life 〰️ .

The yogis even explain how thoughts and words contains lifeforce energy, because we use our breath to speak (and the air we breathe have lifeforce in it), and the brain and our thoughts takes alot of energy everyday (around 10-20% of the body's energy goes to processes in the brain, as far as we know). This means that words in the form of thought or speech actually are expressions of lot of energy. .

Some cultures & the yogis even believe,that if we think a thought enough times it will create a thought form, which is kind of like an energetic being that exists within our field, making us repeat that thought again and again - or if we are directing the thought towards someone else, the thought form will affect their energy, if they are open to it (black turmalin is amazing in this case, because it protects our state and energyfield). .

It's even decribed that 'a curse' in many cases is just a negative and destructive thought,that someone thought again and again - while a spell is a nurturing and elevating thought somebody thought again and again. This can be consciously and unconsciously. .

But the point is, that words are powerfull when being a HuMan, and that it can be helpful to be aware of how we use our words and channel our powerful lifeforce through words 🙏〰️

What kind of words and vibrations are we giving life to 🌱