When you 'saw it coming'...

Don't feel bad if you saw it coming, and didn't do anything to prevent it from happening.

Or saw it coming, wanted to do something about it and it still happened〰️

It's double-up on the pain & heavy energy, when we play the blame-game, instead of just turning away from what we don't want and start moving towards what we want 〰️ .

Maybe it wasn't your responsibility to prevent it, just because you had the intuitive sense that it was coming.

Maybe you saw it coming, because it was your responsibility to prepare for it.

To make sure that experience was used for something good in your life🌱

As a human that have been psychic my whole life, I don't have count on how many times 'I saw it coming' and still let it happen or felt like it happened no matter what I did. Trying to change the outcome of the outside world never worked, if I didn't simultaneously changed my inner world.

And to be honest, I think it's a part of life to let life happen.

To have the experience, and the gift or lesson it brings. That the foresights is not to change the experience and give us a chance to fight the experience - but the foresights is giving us the opportunity to change our mindset and reaction about the experience. .

The experience we sense in our field is properly on its way and is properly gonna happen, but we have the power to choose how we react to it, what we do with it and what kind of mindset we face it with〰️ .


We maybe not have the power to decide what happens to us always, but we always have the power to decide how it happened to us. How we reacted and what we remember it for.

Seeds don't worry about becoming a flower - they just bloom.

Dont worry about that you saw the experience coming and couldn't prevent it - focus on blooming from that experience, that you were prepared for🙏