We are all just humans growing up together....

Something I have observed within myself, is that traditional family get-to-getters can be sooo draining, because this meeting with my family, feels like a meeting between different ages and dimensions,

where the version I am right now is suddently face to face with some kind of parallel potential version that fits into my family structure. .

And to me, they are worlds apart, sharing a tiny body together for a moment, like two mirrors facing eachother and showing eachother different shadows. .

My current version can suddently se how she miss being a part of a likeminded group where she doesnt have to explain herself all the time, while my past version is suddently faced with her fears of her family's reaction if she is her true self and the fear of stading her ground. .

And in that moment past and present meets in a tiny body and merge into one being, where Im suddently aware of the rootbeliefs I carry around in the form of a past version that still haunts my nervoussystem and subconscious. .

This is the moment I take a deep breathe and start to 'mother' myself.

And I tell myself that we are all just HuMans growings up together.

No matter if we are 26, 56 or 80 years old, we are still just growing up together. .

And no matter what kind of family structures or beliefs we don't fit into anymore - it's okay, because it's just a sign that we have changed, and are able to change.

We are just humams growing up together with our parents and grandparents 🌱

I always feel that family time is one of my deepest energetic practices, because it awakens my roots and reminds me of the foundations I have grown from〰️

Alot of the things we feel and heal, goes deeper than just this life and is often structures from our ancestors that is activated within us.

Did you know, that a woman have all her eggs for her future children, while she is still within her own mothers womb?

And that our subconscious is shaped by the time our physical body is within the womb?

That is how deep family structures goes🌱