We all have challenges, because we are all alchymists...

Something I really have been thinking about lately, is how everybody somehow have challenges, traumas and tragedies behind them 〰️

And how everybody is still standing, somehow being a light house and showing the world how to survive through what they experienced, and be the good that grew from it 🌱


It's not an easy world we collectively have created as a HuManity through time. It can be much easier if we started to have more compassion and work together for the highest best of all 🙏

And we can create that easier world for the future generations, every time we have an experience and choose what we do with it💜

Thank you for being part of the human family right now, and doing your part of feeling, experiencing and growing🌱

If you are reading this today - I see you, and I'm so freaking proud to be on this planet with you💜!

SO so so damn proud!

I know it haven't always been easy, but I'm so proud you grew from your experiences, and became the person you are today 🙏 .

And I'm so thankful for all the healing you have done, all the situations where you made a difference and all the times you elevated something by being you in the world 🌍

I know it's not always easy to see what difference we do in the heat of the moment, and sometimes it just feel like we are doing what needs to be done - but trust me, you taking that responsibility for your part of the situation, is making a difference for all of HuManity and the energy we flow through〰️

And I'm so freaking proud of you for taking that responsibility, in your way, with your awareness, your resources and your oppourtunities available in the moment 🙏 .

I know you did the best, with what you had!

And I know the situation somehow nurture you and made you grow, so you could keep on doing your best 🌱

And I know you are doing your best right now, no matter what you might be thinking about yourself 🙏

I absolutely trust you are doing your best 🙏

We are all alchymists, every day ☀️