The roots of consciousness in the nervous system

We are kind of advanced plants, with free will to act and the ability to move🌱...

If you think about it.

I experience that our nervoussystem is our consciousness' roots, that allows us to translate consciousness into energy and electric signals, that we can experience as feelings and sensations,that we can feel in our body, and embody as the physical body in this physical life🌱

This allows consciousness to experience itself in a physical way - and it allows us to seed consciousness in humanity, because embodyment change the genetic expressions we pass on, that affects future HuMans expression and possibilities.

Our nervoussystem is like the root-network going from our receiver/brain/arcline of the universal consciousness -and into the body, which is like the ground the nervoussystem-roots is nurtured by and grounded in〰️🧠🌱

The nervoussystem are our ability to translate consciousness into physical experiences. In that way consciousness/energy animates the physical body and makes it come alive, in return for the possibility to experience itself.

You could say that the physical body is the earth our consciousness is seeded in and growing in - and our nervoussystem is the roots of consciousness, that blooms that consciousness into the energy we radiate and embody from our physical body, which gives consciousness a physical expression☀️

And just like the roots of a plant can be affected by bugs or its conditions, our nervoussystem can be affected by beliefs, the state of our physical body and how the energy flows - which can affect how much consciousness our nervoussystem can channel and feel safe expressing.

That is why it so important to take care of your physical body and nervoussystem, so you are able to channel your truth and feel your consciousness.

A reason it can be hard to feel our intuition or inner truth, can be because our nervoussystem and the physical body it's planted in, is tense and have limiting beliefs and blocked areas that needs to be nurtured and looked at, so the energy/consciousness can flow freely through your life and physical consciousness-nervoussystem-roots again 🙏🌱