The best Highvibe kale-zucchini-avocado-herb pesto

I looooove pesto, but most store bought pestoes is unfortunately full of a lot of heavy foods, that my body have weird reactions to.

I wanted to created a pesto where the base was nutritious herbs and green kale.

You will need:

〰️Fresh green kale, without the stock.

〰️A avocado

〰️A zucchini

〰️Fresh Spinach

〰️Fresh Parsley

〰️Fresh Oregano

〰️Fresh timian


〰️Himalaya salt

〰️Maybe alittle water

〰️A glove of garlic, if you want

Blend it all together, in the amounts you feel like, until you have a creamy and delicious pesto.

I find that salt & garlic takes away some of the bitterness in the green kale, if you are not into that🙏

But the pesto is also very good with garlic in general.

You can basically add anything you like to the pesto.

I just try to add as many leafy greens, herbs and spinach as I have available 🌿

This pesto is amazing with anything - on spaghetti squash, on a salad,on Chia crackers... anything 🙏

Kale, leafy greens and herbs are always a good idea.

Enjoy, and share with a friend that love pesto

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