The base of all good Highvibe sauces 

One thing I quickly discovered when I started to experiment with Highvibe foods, in order to recreate Highvibe versions of my favourite dishes - is that squash/zucchini and cauliflower is amazing for making both uncooked and cooked Highvibe sauces.

If you blend it with water, you get the base for a cold and raw Highvibe sauce.

If you steam it or cook it in water until soft, you can go an it into a base for a warm Highvibe sauce.

The perfect thing about squash/zucchini & cauliflower is that they have a very natural and neutral taste, that you can add any other taste too.

If you blend it with garlic, Himalaya salt & parsley, then you have an amazing white pasta sauce.

If you blend it with red pebers, chilli and Himalaya salt, you have an amazing sauce for pasta, tacos, rice and so on.

If you blend it with herbs & Himalaya salt, you have a pesto or dressing.

Depending on if you heat the sauce, and what additional tastes you add, you can basically use squash/zucchini or cauliflower as the base in hot sauces, cold sauces, pesto, soups and dressings.

You will need:

Squash/zucchini or cauliflower


Himalaya salt

Herbs, spices and veggies you want to add.

Enjoy, and share this recipes with a friend that loves sauce and would like to have a healthy sauce recipe, they can drink from the spoon if they want to.

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