Tea-herb-elixir for HuMans with periods

Highvibe Herb-tea-elixir, that I love & my body love, that is especially great for HuMans with periods🙏

If you suffer from pain, missed periods or any other cycle related issues where you feel your body need some loving care, this is one of the elixirs that have helped me alot.

It is:

Boiled water (you can use cold, but then it have to soak over night, minimum 5 hours),

Dried tulsi,

Dried nettle

and dried raspberry leaves 🌱

Just add as much as you feel like is a good amount for the amount of water you use🙏 You can add roses for extra relaxation.

I prefer everything to be organic and as pure as possible 💎

This elixir helps my nerves and muscles relax, which soothes period muscle cramps (alot of cramps comes from the walls of the uterus contracting). I have also used it to help my body let go of stress and clean my blood (nettle for the win), to make my period more regular, where I would normally miss my ovulation if my body was stressed (our body try to protect us from getting pregnant and having to take care of a child, when we are stressed and need to take care of ourself, which can lead to missed ovulation and periods).

And then it just taste super delicious-nutritious and earthy in the best way🙏🌱

P.s. anybody else that finds steam and smoke super relaxing and cleansing〰️?

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