Shredding old skins

To be honest, It scared me to be the messenger of this matter, but it kept coming to me & I felt somebody needed to hear this🔆

The thing I want to address, is the shaming of the desire to loose weight, because of the many (very needed)self love movements going on at the moment, that I even consider myself a part of🙏

When I speak to people about wanting to lose weight, I so often get responses like 'maybe you should just focus on accepting & loving yourself more'.

I have realised, that 'wanting to loose weight', is often associated with low confidence, feeling wrong or being shameful of our body - & I understand it can be the case for some.

My experience is that the desire to loose weight also can come from a pure place of feeling like you are carrying heavy energy around, that no longer is yours to carry & that no longer serves you💜

Because fat literally is stored energy.

Sometimes we dont want to loose weight because we want to change- but because we feel like we have changed inside, and want the outside to match that change.

Because we feel we are carrying the results of past stress & tension around in the form of weigth, that we are now ready to release from our physical body, because we have learned enough from it〰️

We are ready to release the past from our current physical life🌱

I personally have a tendency to take energy in - & it sometimes manifest as stress and fat-armour on my body. Almost like I take the energy of life in & carry it around like a fat-shield, until I am ready to let go.

At some point I will feel like that natural body fat-armour no longer serves my inner truth, and I will of course take that armour off.

All weightloss, doesn't have to be a result of self hate. It can also be an action of loving ourself enough to make the changes needed, to align our physical life with what we feel & know is our inner truth, by letting go to let new in.

To allow ourself to be us.

Taking the protective & heavy fat-shield of the past off, because it's no longer needed. Shedding old skins & shifting shape🐍 〰️