Mango-tomato-salsa salad with mint/ highvibe tacos

Use this one as a salad with some guacamole on the side, and maybe some corn. Enjoy it as a salsa and side dish - or even as a topping on soup. The oppourtunities is as endless as your infinite creativity.

And then it's super delicious!

You will need:

Cherry tomatoes


Fresh mint


Himalaya salt


Cut the tomatoes and the mango into smaller pieces. Finely chop the mint leafs, and mix it all together with Himalaya salt, cumin and some lemon juice.

For a quick and delicious guacamole, blend together avocados, Himalaya salt, cumin, lemon juice, tumeric and a little peber.

For a beautiful, fully highvibe meal - use the salsa salad and the guacamole as filling in some crunchy salad leaf with some homemade mushroom-walnut-cumin-chili-himalaya salt- taco mix.

Or a dehydrated (or cooked in the oven) almond-carrot-cellery-zuchini- red onien- garlic- chia seed-cumin- himalaya salt- black peber- cilantro falafel (blend it all together and make sound and flat falafel, for the dehydrator).

Then you basically have a fully highvibe nutritious-delicious taco style food, and if you enjoy 5-8 salad boats with filling you have a full meal. Make sure to have enough crunchy salad leaf like romaine or heart salad. You can even use kale or cabbage.

For the salad- tacos you can also born together a hempseed-himalaya salt-garlic-chili-parsley-water dressing to top it all.

So simple and so delicious - and it super quick to make (unless you make dehydrated falafel, in which case it takes at least 8hours at 42degres, so start them in the early morning if you want them ready for dinner).

Enjoy, be creative and of course remember to share with a friend that love tasty and colourfull foods full of nutrition.

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