Recipe for magical sunshine oil

First of all - SORRY for all the windy noises in the video! I really tried my best to edit them out of the video, without loosing the important parts of the message. I hope you still enjoy watching it, and feel all the love I channeled into it💙💙

In this video I share my personal recipe for my favourite magic-infused all around oil.

It's skinsafe and safe to eat. Just be aware of your situation - if you are allergic to citrus fruits, then maybe dont use oranges in your oil.

Anything in the recipe can be substituted with another ingrediens or herb, that symbolizes the same to you or just support your intention for the oil. You dont have to follow the recipe step by step - the most important is your intention.

Your magic is your magic, and you have all the recipes you need within your heart- outside recipes like the one I share, is simply guidance and inspiration. Feel free to change it to your needs, as long as you research the ingrediens you use and are aware of that what you are doing are safe.

My recipe is:

Olive oil.

Dried or fresh organic orange peel.

Star anis.


Bay leafs.


Intentions for each ingrediens.

Intention for the oil in general.

I share the process in the video 💙

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