Pendulum as a tool to channel your inner knowing

Psychology and different spiritual disciplines have been fascinated with the subconscious for centuries.

Some believe the subconscious is individual to the person shaped by their life experiences since they were born, almost like a hard disk collecting data & information about everything a human have experienced.

Some believe we have a collective subconcious that connects all of humanity, and possible all of the universe.

Some believe our energyfield and the cells in our body, is our subconscious, connecting us to the oneness of all.

There is many point of views on the matter, and I'm not gonna bore you with the many studies I have read through time (but Google and the library is always a good place to read information other people have gathered and shared with the world).

Instead I want to invite you to have your own experience of all the answers that lives below the surface. The conscious mind is said to only be the tip of the mountain, seperated from the universe's wisdom by a barrier of forgetfulness,that we as HuMans can decide how much we want to open up.

A tool to look beyond the conscious and not the unconscious and subconscious, have for a long time been a pendulum.

A pendulum is basically a heavy object at the end of some kind of string or chain, that have the ability to swing and move. In the old days, people would use a big needle as pendulum. Others have made den from hole-ly rocks (aka. Those rocks you find on the beach with holes in them). I even have heard people make their own pendulum with a pointy acorn. Alot of places you can buy crystal and metal pendulums.

Pendulums is basically seen as an object that can channel our subconscious, and in some people's eyes: the wisdom of the whole universe, because our subconscious are an extension of the one consciousness of the universe,that we currently experience we are a point of view on. Even thou we actually are we with all of the universe, like an ocean in a drop.

A pendulum is mostly used for questions that can be answered with 'yes' and 'no', with means that a pendulum channels attraction. If you are in alignment with something, and your vibration aligns with something, the pendulum will most likely channel a yes. If your vibration is not in alignment with something, and you therefore most likely is not going to have that as a party your reality,the pendulum will most likely channel a no.

In that case pendulum are very much like tarot, in the sense that it tune into your current vibration and flow of energy, and where that is taking you (you current timeline in other words, if that makes more sense - I personally don't experience time as a line, but as infinite potential and possibilities weaved together as flows of energy that leads to different experiences). In that sense: you got the power. The pendulum only channels you. Which means that you can change where you are going, by changing your beliefs, actions and focus. No answer is final. You can always change yourself and therefore what experiences you are a match to, and potentially is gonna experience.

The way to use a pendulum is super simple.

First, before using it for the first time: cleanse it. You can do this in many ways. The quickest way is purely by intention, because you mind,focus and intention is essentially the power behind every other method. Hold the pendulum in your hands, and use your focus and intention to cleanse it. You can visualise the current energy melting of the pendulum, and then blow it off your hand and back to the universe. Whatever works for you, and makes you believe and feel the pendulum is not cleansed. You can also use smoke, like sage. You can use water. You can lay it on a bowl of salt ( If it's made of stone or crystal, make sure to research how salt affects it. Many light blue stones don't like salt, or selenit).

When the pendulum is cleansed of past energy, you can code it with your intention of how you want it to help you, if that feels true to you. My personal coding is "You serve the highest good for all involved. And you give me the highest, purest answers from the highest, purest consciousness purest, accorsing to the highest best for all involved. So it is. Thank you". But you do you💜 Whatever makes you feel good and like your pendulum is prepared to give you helpfull and honest answers is perfect. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Whatever feel true and nurturing for you,is perfect.

To ask the pendulum for answers, just start by holding the string or chain in your giving and (the one you write with - or just whatever feels right in the moment), and hold it over your receiving hand. Hold the receiving hand flat, palm facing up towards the pendulum.

Now ask: show me a yes. And observe how a yes looks.

Then ask: show me a no. And observe.

Now you know how your personal pendulum communicates, and you can start asking questions, and let the pendulum channel your inner knowing.

It's said that the pendulum channels your energy, and your inner knowing, so it's basically an extension of you that avoids the over thinking and confusion if the thoughts, and just allows you to go directly to the answer your vibration currently resonates with. You got the power. You already know everything. The pendulum is just a tool to make it very clear what you know, without allowing room for confusion and over thinking.

Some people believe it's important that only you touch your pendulum, in order to make sure it don't answer with mixed energy, but is totally focused on only your energy. Some say it doesn't matter, because a pendulum is like an electric wire channelings whatever emergy it's connected to. So you do you, and do what feels true and nurturing to you 🙏💜