Mashed coconut-potatoes with brusselsprouts and chickpeas 

This was a super delicious dish made of Highvibe foods, that I simply had to share with you.

The potatoes are steamed until soft and mash-able, and the brusselsprouts and chickpeas was roasted on the pan.

To gain the most benefits from Highvibe foods, we would always choose to eat then uncooked, raw, as close to their natural state as possible.

I live in a cold clima, where warm spices doesn't always feel like they add enough heat to the body, so I sometimes consciously choose to heat my Highvibe foods, with the awareness that some of the nutrient, enzymes and structure will go lost.

In my opinion Highvibe foods are totally amazing raw, but I also understand the need for heated food sometimes or if you are not used to eating alot of uncooked food, and in that case this is an amazing Highvibe recipe.

For the mash you will need:

〰️Potatoes, that you have cut into small pieces and steamed until soft.

〰️Coconut milk



〰️Himalaya salt

For the topping you will need:

〰️Brusselsprouts, finely sliced into thin strips.


〰️Smoked paprika

〰️Himalaya salt

〰️Boiled chickpeas (optional)

Maybe a little water, coconut oil or olive oil to roast it in.

Mash the steamed and soft potatoes (or blend together) - add coconut milk and spices, and mix until you have a creamy consistency & delicious taste.

Mix all the parts of the topping together. You could choose to eat the topping raw, and it would be delicious. If you don't want to, roast it all on a fryingpan.

Maybe create a little fresh salad on the side.

Enjoy with gratitude💜

This is a super simple recipe, and the main star is the mashed coconut-potatoes. You can top it with anything you have a home. The beautiful about the potatoes, is that they taste amazing, but is only made of Highvibe foods that are good for our body and serves our wellbeing.

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