Prevent & fight of a cold: fresh ginger tea & thyme

Beautiful herbs like ginger, tumeric and thyme have for a long time been used as remedies for making the body healthy and the immune system strong.

One of my favourite highvibe home remedies is fresh ginger and hot water, mixed into a tea. If you like, you can add som maple sirup for sweetness - or honey, if you are into that.

If you feel a cold coming, the best medicine in my experience is to chop half a handful of fresh ginger, and make this tea. Let it rest for 10minutes, until the ginger is soaked and the water is golden. You can also add some thyme, for healing infections if your throat hurts or you wish some relief from coughing .

Drink the tea everyday, and remember to eat the ginger when you have finished the tea. I know alot of people don't find it pleasant, because it can be strong, but it's really amazing for you - and sometimes the nutritious value is more important than the taste 🙏

Food is medicine, if we choose real foods🌱

Enjoy and share with a friend that often gets a cold and need to boost the immune system.

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