Highvibe energy work is alchemy

To me Highvibe energy work is alchemy, because it's the ability to turn something we don't value, into something valuable.

To turn nothing into something, and metal into gold.

And as HuMans we are Alchemists on many levels and in many dimensions, and it's all connected.

We are physical and doing alchemy on the root level, where we can work with the energy in our physical body and shape what kind of foundation our physical body is in this life. What kind of shape and prism our light shine through.

We are life and do alchemy on a sacral level, where we work with lifeforce to give life to creations, meals, situation, projects, ideas and other beings. We can flow with life.

We are will and can do alchemy on a solar plexus level, where we have the free will to choose again, move, take action and change our life. The willpower and massive energy to radiate, attract and create what we focus on and act on.

We are emotion and connection, and can do alchemy on a heart level, where we can move the emotiones and transform our inner state, and the way we connect with life.

We are expressions, doing alchemy at a throat chakra level, where we can change our expression and what we share with ourself and the world,and what is mirrored back to us. Every creation have to return to it's creator〰️ We are perception, with a third eye that allows us to see beyond the limitations, see into the seemingly unknown and choose to percieve every experience the way we decide.

And we are the unlimited having an experience of the limited, doing alchemy from a crown chakra level, where we are connected to all and one with all - and can transform everything by our power to tap into the bigger picture, our own consciousness and the highest possibility available in the moment.

We have the power to transform anything seemingly invaluable, into value and nutrition. Any experience can become a valuable step in life.

Everything is energy, is states. We have the power to transform and change any state of anything〰️ How can you turn this moment into gold and make it valuable? ☀️