Highvibe Apple crumble - eat it raw or bake it

So, as we have talked about before - Highvibe foods are foods as close to their natural state as possible, meaning the most Highvibe foods are raw, fresh, organic and just picked.

But as a person who lives in a cold environment (Denmark in Scandinavia, with all the Vikings), I enjoy warm foods as a way of nurture my body.

Luckily alot of Highvibe recipes are super flexible and can be eaten raw or cooked, because they are based on plants.

The same goes for this Highvibe Apple crumble that flowed through me, when I discovered the most beautiful apples hanging on a tree. I picked some, and made this warm, comforting treat - that can be enjoyed raw after resting in the fridge, or enjoyed warm from the oven.

Warming spices like nutmeg and cinnamon is a part of the recipes, so no matter if you enjoy it raw or baked, it will have a warming effect on the body.

You will need:

〰️Organic, fresh apples (why not go pick themself, if you have the option? It don't get any more highvibe than that)

〰️Dates, where you have removed the pits and cut them into smaller pieces.

〰️Spices - the warm ones like nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin & tumeric.

〰️Himalaya salt

〰️Coconut oil

〰️Any nut butter - could be peanut, almond, cashew, thahin, what you like ( optional, if you are allergic to nuts and seeds, just go with the coconut oil or use some avocado instead)

〰️Oats, hempseeds, nuts, fruits or anything you want to be your crumble - mine have hempseeds, dates and oats.

Start by (picking the apples if you can,) washing the apples,cutting them in pieces and cover them in the spices you want. I used cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom & tumeric.

Cut the dates in small pieces and add a handful to the apples as the sweet counterpart to the sour apples.

Make the crumble by mixing nutbutter, coconut oil, oats, hempseeds, dates, spices (optional, but I added cardemom) & Himalaya salt in a bowl, and mix it together - I find using my hands is amazing, and then you can also channel some love and good energy into the mixture.

When the crumble is ready, you add it to the apples.

Now you either choose you want the raw version, and put the apple goodness into the fridge to rest for an hour, before enjoying.

Or you decide you want the warm version, and you bake the apple goodness in a preheated oven, at 180degress for about 30-45minutes. Keep an eye on it.

Serve, and enjoy.

You can add some creamy coconut milk on the side , if you want💜

Share with a friend that loves apples and want to use them for one of the best recipes ever.

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