Green curry and coconut soup

This was a quick recipe I created, when I was in a I-dont-want-to-use-more-than-10minutes-on-cooking mood.

It's basically a soup with alot of warm spices, that actually make it feel warming to the body, even thou it haven't been heated. You could heat it to luke warm (= when you can put a finger in, and easily keep it in the soup for 5seconds, because the soup is body temperatur), but if you want most of the benefit from the soup I recommend not heating it above body temperature (the guidelind is 37-42 degrees).

You will need (makes about 2 potions)

〰️Two big handfull of fresh spinach

〰️Two tomatoes

〰️2 gloves of fresh Garlic

〰️Coconout milk - you can buy it organic, or make it from fresh coconoutmeat and coconutwater blended together

〰️An avocado


〰️Black peber

〰️Himalaya salt

〰️Curry powder


Cut the tomatoes in half. Add everything to a blender and blend. Taste your way to the perfect combination of spices - is better to add to little at first, and add more later, because it's harder to fix the taste of you add to much.

Serve with fresh vegetables. I topped it with boiled potatoes (they are one of the rare foods, which vibration elevates when they are boiled - they are considered highvibe if the are eaten within 24hours),raw carrot slices, hempseeds, thyme and tumeric.

Enjoy - and share this easy soup with anybody who could use a quick and warming meal 🙏

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