Every loss is a new beginning

Every loss is really simultaneously a new beginning of something else being attracted towards you by the shift that change our destiny, because destiny flows with our choices and focus〰️

Your heart cannot break and you can not loose anything that belongs to you, but the expectation & beliefs you had in mind can break and your life can change.

Loss is often just gaining something new.

Nothing is set in stone, because the way it's expressed and experienced is changed with our expression and experiences〰️

I see destiny as the energy we are here to live, embody and express through every experiences, as us, that is us. We are our destiny.

Our structure of energy, and being is our destiny, that is shaped by our focus and the way we act and express that structure of energy 〰️

It dont necessarily have to be something specific like becoming a doctor or being a mom - it can be more vast, like naturally being the vibe & structure of kindness in the world, or simply expansion & integration through balancing contrasts.

Every experience we have in life is a part of our destiny, cocreating with the structure of energy we are, that we can always tune into and be guided by〰️

We never really let go, because nothing can be lost when all is connected, but we allow change and let in - we live in the waterfall of flow and movement, not the pool of stagnant stillness.