Easy crunchy Chia Crackers 

Chia seeds are an amazing source of protein and healthy fats. They bind liquids, and it's said that they can absorb 10times their own weight, which make them excellent for giving texture to things that would normally be liquid.

Fair tip - Something that is important to know about Chia seeds, is that they should be soaked in water or some kind of liquid before enjoying they. Chia seeds that haven't been soaked, tend to absorb liquid from the body, which we don't want. So make sure you always have Chia seeds together with liquids. or have soaked them before using them.

Besides that Chias seeds are totally easy to use and nutritious. You can use them in veggie smoothies to make it more creamy, instead of bananas. A porridge made of berries, chia seed and plant milk is also an amazing to-go meal.

Chia seeds are also amazing instead of eggs, in bread, pancakes - or as the binder or crunch in raw crackers.

This recipes is basically Chia seeds soaked in water, with herbs & spices, that have been dehydrated for 12hours at 45degrees. If you don't have a dehydrator, you can use an oven instead and just bake them, until they are crunchy. You can dehydrate them in the oven on the lowest setting, with the door alittle open, to keep the crackers alive and raw. If you dont care about them being raw, you can also bake them - my experience is that it takes around 15-20min at 200degrees, but keep an eye for them. But I truely recommend a dehydrator, because it takes less energy and you can find some really affordable ones out there, if you feel like investing in one in any way (and no, I'm not sponsored 💜 but I'm always open for a partnership with conscious and sustainable companies, that I like).

Every cracker is unique, depending on the liquid, seeds, herbs or whatever you add, so feel free to watch them from times to time, and bake or dehydrate them longer or shorter🙏

You will need:

〰️1 part Chia seeds

〰️5 parts water

(So if you use 1dl Chia seeds, you will need 5dl water)

〰️Himalaya salt, if you like.

〰️Spices and herbs, if you want.

Mix Chia seeds and water together in a bowl. Whisk the mixture, until you feel the seeds are starting to absorb the water, and are not just dropping to the bottom of the bowl.

Cover the bowl, and let the seeds absorb the water for 20 minutes - feel free to whisk it from time to time.

When you feel you have a nice, thick, kind of slimy texture- add the taste.

The crackers are amazing just with Himalaya salt, as a salty cracker.

Other combinations I have tried and love, are:

〰️Cinnemon, tumeric, Himalaya salt & a little black peber

〰️Tumeric,curry, Himalaya salt, dill & a little black peber.

〰️A little tamari instead of some of the water, himakaya salt, tumeric, ginger and some sesame oil.

〰️Rams, Himalaya salt & dill.

〰️Rams,Himalaya salt & sundried tomatoes.

〰️Rams,thyme, dill & Himalaya salt.

〰️Carrot and celler pulp from juice, with Himalaya salt.

〰️Apple pulp from juicing, cinnamon, tumeric, Himalaya salt, cardamom & alittle black peber.

〰️Almond, cashew or oat pulp leftovers from making plant milk & Himalaya salt.

〰️Corn blended together with smoky paprika, Himalaya salt, cumin,tumeric & a little peber.

The only limit is your imagination, and what you have available.

Making Chia crackers are by the way an amazing way if using the leftover pulp from juicing or making nut milks #NoWaste #Yay 🙏.

Mix it all together,and speed the mixture on a baking sheet. Don't use wax paper. Parchment or a reusable baking sheet, but into the shape of your dehydrator trays (or oven), is perfect.

Dehydrate for 12 hours at 45degrees, depending on how thick you made your crackers. The thinner spread they are,the quicker they get crunchy.

Use them with toppings, or instead of chips.

The ones with corn are excellent for nachos.

Enjoy with a friend, who love the magical Chia seeds and didn't knew they could be used for anything else than Chia porridge🙏