Cooling & hydrating cucumber-lemon-mint juice for soothing the body

This juice is amazing on a hot day, or just when your digestive system is affected by to many warming spices o when you want to give your organs a break. This is amazing to soothe the digestive organs and especially help hydrate, clean out and cool down the body.

You will need:

〰️Organic cucumbers

〰️Fresh mint

〰️Some juice from a lemon

〰️Maybe some water

If you have a juicer - especially a slow juicer is amazing - just rinse the cucumbers and mint, and juice it. You maybe need to cut the cucumbers into smaller pieces or sticks, to make the cucumber fit in the juicer. Add lemon juice, strain the juice and enjoy.

If you don't have a juicer, add everything to a blender with some water to get it going.

Blend it all, and strain until liquid. Enjoy.

Quick tip - You can use the remaining cucumber pulp as a dressing.

Just mix with chili, salt and cumin - and voila, you have the perfect asien inspired dressing for salads, tacos or anything you like it on. Nothing have to go to waste in the Highvibe kitchen🙏 #Sustainable

Enjoy and share with a friend that have a digestion that could need some love💜

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