Cabbage-mint-carrot salad with thahin dressing

This is an amazing salad for lunch. Its crunchy, filling, tasty and super satisfying - and it's easy and quick to make, which is important to me.

Besides that its a great Highvibe meal to take on the go, when you just need a quick lunch.

You will need:

For the salad:



Fresh mint


For the dressing:




Lemon juice


Black peber

Mix together the dressing. Finely cut the cabbage, mint and carrot in some way. Mix it all together and top with hempseeds.

This is both great as a meal in it self, or as a side dish.

You could also mix it together with some zucchini noodles, mango and some curry to make a Asian inspires creamy noodle dish.

I enjoyed it together with a glass of cuxumber-mint-lemon juice, which was a really nice combo.

Enjoy and share with a friend that loves filling, crunchy and creamy dishes🙏

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