Bloom Box for charging, manifestation & elevating

My personale truth, is that you are the power.

Anything you can do with the help of a tool, you can do without the tool, because the true source of power is you, your oneness with all,your focus and your intention. A creation is forever connected to its creator, and all creations returns to the creator- that is why we say 'what goes around,comes around'.

As humans we experience how it is to believe and experience simultaneously being the universe and a point of view of on the universe. Being One with all on an energetic and atomic level, while it looks like all things are separated and individual.

The beauty about tools, is that they are you in another form. And they have the power to be an extension of your point if view on consciousness. They are a way of allowing the universe to help you, by leaving a part f your energy & consciousness in a object, that helps you, while you go out in the world and help other people,clean up nature and make this world a more nurturing place. A tool like that, could be a Bloom Box ( if you want to support these sharings, remember to subscribe🛎to theLOVEs YouTube channel & give the video a like. That really helps the message reach more HuMans,which is amazing!) #HighvibeRitual #MiracleMagic #BloomBox #theLOVE #LibraryOfVibrationElevation #Magic #WiseOne #WitchCraft #Ritual #Consciousness #Spring #Ostera #FlowerPower #Bloom #Highvibe #Life #Meditation #Youtube #Video #RememberToSubscribe