Are you preparing for your success?

Are you preparing for good times and your success💜?

Growing up I was always told to prepare for bad times - to save up just in case, to study extra hard just to be sure, to go to that job interview just in case.

I know this mindset was taught to me with so much love, from a wish to keep me safe💜

Knowing what I know about the flow of life and energy today, I see how much energy I have invested in preparing for failure,focusing on failure and therefore often attracting what I didn't wanted, because I was investing my lifeforce energy and intention in that direction☀️🌱

Like attract like - the world mirrors back to you what you radiate. You see the world as you are. What you focus on,you will find (Just like when you want a dog, and you suddently see dogs everywhere) 🐶

So sweet, precious HuMan💜

I want to invite you to focus on what you want, and plan for your success☀️

To courageously and unwavering insist to focus on and plan for the best possible experience, outcome and emotion you can imagine ☀️🌱

To plan for something much more abundant, elevating, joyfully, amazing and mindblown that your current comfortzone and mind could ever imagine ☀️🚀

I want you to plan for living the dream, that you are scared to share with the world 🌍

To plan for and expect the absolute most amazing lifetime you have ever lived in this universe 💜🙏☀️

And I want to invite you to look deeply into the eyes of every person you love, and invite they to plan for their success, living the dream and for a lifetime much more amazing that they could ever imagine ☀️

What we focus on, we act on.

What we focus on, we channel our life energy into.

It becomes the way we live.

Don't live like you are gonna fail.

Live like your life is meant to be a success, and that you are ready for the responsibility of that success. Plan for what your dream, truth and success require ☀️

Be ready for Everything you dream of, and be ready to hold the responsibility and energy of your success🙏☀️

Plan for what you want, for yourself, earth,all beings on earth and the future 🙏☀️🌱🌍

Be ready 💜

Your kind of success is needed ☀️

We wanna se you shine ☀️