Are you a wise one? 

Or more precisely: are you a Miracle-Magic witch? The word witch means 'the wise one' and refers to a person that have wisdom from diving into the mysteries of the unknown and learning about the elements of the human experience,earth and universe.

There is many forms of mainstream categories for witchcraft,like kitchen witch, green witch, water witch, eclectic witch and so on.

I personally feel at home in the definition Miracle-Magic practitioner or Miracle-magic witch/wise one. It was a definition that came to me one day, from within my heart- and I feel like alot of you in theLOVE community might also resonate with this kind of magic and Highvibe rituals.

Many people view Miracles and Magic as opposites, because Miracles are defined as 'surrendering to the will of the divine', while magic is often defined as 'the ability to organize chaos into order with your will' and therefore intentionally transform something with your will. I personally never felt home in one of the definitions, and later coined the term 'Miracle-Magic', because I always practice with the intention of 'serving the highest best for all involved' and from the knowing of oneness. That everything is connected, and (from my point of view - follow your own truth always) every HuMan is one with everything else and simultaneously a point of view on the oneness. To me Miracles is working from the knowing that all is one, while magic work from the individual point of view on that one - and as HuMans we are currently experience how it is to be both. Together as Miracle-Magic they feel whole too me, on my journey, in my practice.

Do you practice Miracle-Magic, magic or miracles? And how did you find your own unique journey and the practice you felt at home in? Share with the LOVE community in the comments below 💙

All love


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