Helt kort, så handler begrebet Highvibe (også kendt som High Vibe) handler om at have en nærende og balanceret indre tilstand~ samt at have villigheden & nærværet til at mærke efter hvad der er det mest nærende valg i nuet, som er muligt og tilgængeligt.
At tage energi-ansvar. Ansvar for ens indre struktur af væren - ens tilstand.

Og det handler om at fokuserer på det man ønsker mere af
og ønsker at gøre mere virkelig med sin energi.

Og hvis vi går fra 'me' til 'we', så handler det om at vælge det højeste bedste, for alt involveret, med de muligheder og ressourcer man har til rådighed. 
At respekterer den frie vilje og tage energi-ansvar for ens egen indre tilstand.
Og hvilket overbevisninger og handlinger den indre tilstand nærer i verden.


Highvibe bevidsthed
I can only share from my point of view, so always use your discernment & feel into what ressonates with you.
Basically Highvibe Consciousness is about being aware and present in life, with the intend and willingness to see the highest best for all involved.

It's choosing to learn from LOVE, compassion & JOY, instead of fear, separation & insecurity - and the ability to observe our self in such a way, that we sometimes are able to recognize that we are perceiving the world through fear~  stop our self ~ let ourself feel our inner state and emotion ~ recgonize our beliefs and thought ~ let go ~ change our focus ~and choose to perceive the experience through blaance, peace and love instead.

It's consciously choosing to take responsibility for the way we perceive & react on what we experience in our everyday life - and choosing to unlearn beliefs that are no longer serving us & the behavior we realize is destructive.  

It's trying not to judge and filter everything through our mind and subconscious, that is coded with everything we have learned from our experiences in the past and other peoples truths - and instead be aware of our own truth in the moment, and what our consciousness and intuition knows is our truth & next step in the moment. 

It's being aware of the highest vibe/emotion, most aligned opportunity and  most elevating perception available in the moment - because everything change from moment to moment.

It's being aware of our authentic self and inner truth in the moment, &  knowing how to feel our authentic truth so we can act in integrity with it.
It's feeling our alignment - where our authentic self is expressed in the now and our actions is in integrity with that. Where autenticity and integrity both exists in the now as our inner state and outer expression.

It's knowing everything is nurturing something, and that we have participated in creating whatever we experience - and that everything we experience is  supporting our growth and elevation in some way.

This kind of awareness activates our inner power & potential, because it takes the focus away from insecurity and fear, and place it on love, compassion and joy. It reminds us that we have the power and responsibility for our inner state, and therefor it is a reminder of our freedom to choose how we perceive life and react. 

Everything exists for a reason as a part of the bigger picture, and every emotional state (vibe) you can experience is a perfect part of your wholeness. And we got the power to choose our inner state, by choosing what we focus on and act on. 
My truth is, that we can create miracles when we take responsibility for how we use our energy, what vibration we exists in and how we react to our experiences.

Vibrational guidance scale_extended.jpg

The vibrational guidance scale
...is a  tool that you can use to be aware what your vibrational state (emotional state) is, and what emotion to focus on, to raise it.

No emotions is wrong or better than the other, because they all serve a purpose - the scale is simply a tool to support you in begin aware about the reality you are creating and consciously choose what the next true step for you is.

The vibrational scale can also be used to remember what emotion is the nearby next step towards elevation. If you are super sad, then the next and higher vibrating emotion is maybe anger, and then disappointment and so on. 

The scale can both be used as a compassionate tool when we feel stuck in heavy emotional states, to remind us that even thou an emotion seems bad and  difficult, we are actually healing and rising up towards a more highvibe state, when we go from anger to disappointment - or it can be used to elevate our awareness by letting us become conscious of  the vibration we are vibrating at, when we feel joy or sadness or content, so we can consciously decide if that is where we want to be and create our future from or if we want to focus on elevating to another state.


You are perfectly you

- Lotus Dayánde

Highvibe Nutrition
Everything in this physical reality is made of atoms with vibrations. Everything is energy. This means that everything is connected and everything have an effect on something, because energy is always moving and changing,  and energy is always nurturing something.  
If we should translate the word energy into a more down-to-earth word, then it would be state or inner state. And in this physical reality the state of everything is constantly shifting and changing, like the seasons and the cycle of the moon.

Highvibe nutrition is about the energy around you. The state of the things you surround yourself with and allow to affect you -  your surroundings, clothes, people, words, sounds, stories in our thoughts, whatever - and how they make you feel.
If they activates elevating & nurturing emotional states and feelings inside your body, that feels light, expanding and natural to you, because they are a match to your inner state. If we should translate vibrations/vibes into a more down-to-earth word it would be emotional state - how your energy/inner state is expressing itself and being channel through you, as you. 

Highvibes is vibrations/ emotional states with the same vibration or a higher vibration than the human body. That is why highvibes elevates us, because they are either a match to our current vibrational state or higher, meaning we never uses energy to stay in a highvibe and sustain a Highvibe. A highvibe make us feel calm or gives us energy, because they require nothing of us to stay in, because they are our natural state - we are born as highvibe beings. Lowvibes have the same or a lower vibration than us. 

This also means that we can recognize that something is Highvibe and a match to us, when it's  expanding and light to be around - or we have a light  & expanding feeling when we connect to it, because we have the intuitive sense that it will somehow lead to an elevating vibe. Its a match to our natural state & inner truth. 
We can recognize a lowvibes, because it feels heavy, draining and contracting for us when we focus our attention on it. The reason for this, is that it takes alot of energy for us to stay in lowvibes, because we are naturally highvibe. And what is highvibe and lowvibe for a person is different and can change from person to person.

Lowvibes are something we create with our choices, actions, beliefs & thoughts, and not something that is natural to us- our natural state feels light, because it requires nothing of us to be in, like highvibes.
Highvibe nutrition is all about being aware of our authentic self and inner truth in the moment, &  allowing ourselves to focus on what sparks joy & feel expanding in every moment. Feeling our alignment - where our authentic self is expressed in the now, and autenticity and integrity both exists simultaneously in the now, as our inner state and outer expression.

It's knowing everything is nutrition and supporting our growth and elevation in some way, but that it change how things affect us, because we change and our vibration change - and this can change what we are a match to and what is currently elevating to us. And it's okay to be present and aware in every moment, and intuitively feel into thing and let our own consciousness guide our choices, actions, thoughts and what we allow to be a part of our reality. It's about taking responsibility for our energy & vibe.


We become what

we let in

- Lotus Dayánde

Highvibe Food
Highvibe foods, are foods that naturally have a high vibration in themselves - meaning they have a lot of living energy, hydrating liquid and elevating lifeforce from the sun. They are vibrating with lifeforce when you  enjoy them in a meal.
Some people would call Highvibe foods for Raw food or Plant foods.  I choose to call it Highvibe foods, because words are powerful tools to shape our perception of things - and highvibe foods is not only about choosing and enjoying plants, because it include being aware and conscious of the energy in the food and the energy that created the food - was pesticides included, how was the soil? Being aware of the foods state. 

Highvibe foods is as close to their natural, organic, fresh state as possible.​ 
Foods like organic  fruits, berries, melons, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens, salads, sea weeds, avocados, coconuts, roots, sprouts and soaked activated seeds & nuts.
It could be an apple picked directly from the tree, that is full of sunlight, rainwater and nutrition from the earth. Highvibe foods are most Highvibe in their fresh, local, organic and newly picked state - but the most important is organic and fresh.
You can dehydrate or cook some of the Highvibe foods, and they will still be elevating to a lot of humans - it depends on our individual physical bodies, energy and vibration what is elevating to us. 

Highvibe foods are considered elevating to humans, because it is foods that have the same or higher vibration as the human body - meaning they keep our system balanced, and support our system in homeostasis, or elevate our inner state to a new level of well being, balance & flow.
When we measure  the electromagnetic energy of the food, it's food with the same or a higher vibration than the cells in our body.

It's what some would  call neutral or alkaline foods, that elevates the well being of our physical body, state and mind, and therefore vibe/emotions and energy/ inner state.


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Highvibe dictionary - words explained & clarified


Our natural human state.
A very alive and light energy(/state) of balance, with an elevating  vibration(/emotional state) of emabracing our wholeness.


Another word for energy, could be 'state' or 'inner state'. Used to describe the general condition of a person, food and so on. What they are and exists as. The state they are. The being. The inner state they have.



Different expressions of energy. In the physical HuMan body, this expression is experienced as different emotional states, that shapes the expression of our energy - our inner state and overall state in the world.


This is purely described from my point of view. Consciousness is the foundation of 'awareness' and being able to be aware of a reality and experience different point of views on, and versions of, 'reality'. 

Consciousness is what allows us to observe our experiences and know that we exists, and decide how we exists.

It's what makes everything come alive, and animates everything.

Consciousness is energy, which is information, meaning consciousness is basically the stuff that our physical reality is created of - that allows our reality to change, because of the genetic, energetic, viberational and so on information we have access to and can focus on. Consciousness is what allows us to change point of view and experience reality, and is what creates awareness that allows us to change focus and experience different point of views on consciousness that seems like different realities.


A metaphor is that consciousness is the movie that contains everything we can observe and experience, and our awareness and focus is our free will and ability to choose what scene in the movie we want to observe and experience - where the physical body is the animated next-level 5D cinema making it all come alive and seem real.  You could say that the nervous system in the physical bodys ability to understand the energetic information that consciousness is, and allows us to translate consciousness into energy/inner states and vibrations/emotional states through the nervous system and biochemistry, that we can sense and feel in our body, which allows us to embody it as our reality as a part of us - this make it seem like reality that we can experience, and this also means we have the free will to choose what we allow into our reality, by deciding what we focus on and take in.

I always say that every human-being is like a point of view on that one consciousness the universe is, because everything is energy, and energy express itself as consciousness, which creates the ability to observe realities, which creates realities to experience, which seems to be the purpose of consciousness - because when everything is one, there is no experiences, meaning consciousness is here to create experiences so we can experience our self. The other person is you. The food is you. Everything is connected through consciousness and energy.


Our ability to  know something is a part of our reality and observe it.

It's what allows us to have free will, which is basically our ability to change what we focus on and how we react to what we experience, which gives us the power to create and change our experience of anything in our current reality by changing our focus and reaction.


Our ability to  choose what to observe and direct our energy towards. Its basically our ability to change what we experience and how we experience it, and how much of our energy/inner state/state we allow to get involved in it. 


I believe that reality is everything that gives you energy.

I want to add that your reality in my experience is your natural Highvibe state of balance and highvibe vibration of joy, calm, peace, appreciation and love - and that our experience of reality is shaped by how far away we are from our natural state, that is decided by our focus and the beliefs that decide our habits and reactions. 

Reality is always present, because your natural state will always be your natural state - but because we have the ability to choose our focus, we also have the ability to choose what we believe our reality is, which means our focus and thoughts can be affect by our beliefs, that can affect if we focus on our reality on the reality we have created ourself with our beliefs.

Reality is what gives us energy, because our reality is our natural Highvibe state and vibration, whatever that expresses itself as through you as you - and that feels light to be in or elevating, because it requires nothing of us to be in our natural state. Whenever our reality feels heavy and draining, its because we have created our own reality with our beliefs, that requires alot of of focus and energy to sustain itself and seem real, because it only exists because we created it and made it seem real.


The yogis says all emotions/vibrations comes from joy and returns from joy - this is because joy is our natural highvibe state, that we always return to, when we dont resist it and creates beliefs that shape our natural state. The reason why our reality seem to shift and why w have different emotions, is because we have the ability to shape our reality with our beliefs, to create our own versions of our reality, that filters our natural state through a specific focus, that creates different experiences than living in our highvibe state all the time.

Nutrition/ Nurturing:

Something or someone that supports, elevates or guides you back to your natural highvibe state of balance and vibrations of calm, peace, joy and love. Something or someone that truly wants to give and serve something or someone, in such as way that the energy/state of that something or someone is elevating or creating balance.

An example could be Highvibe foods, that not only comes with vitality, life force, minerals, vitamins, water and so on - but also comes with the enzymes the body need to break down the structure of the apple and receive the vitality, life force, minerals, vitamins, water and so on.

Highvibe foods are designed to give, by giving you their gift and the scissors to open the gift and receive the blessings inside. 

All love - Lotus Dayánde