Everything I share,
is created with the intention to support  the highest best
for all involved

- Lotus Dayánde



Highvibe recipes

Highvibe foods are bacially foods that is elevating, recharge the bodys energy & is as close to its natural organic state as possible. It's a food that have the same energy & vibration (state) as our physical body or is vibrating higher - that is why they are so elevating & rejuvenating, with all their lifeforce, nutrients & sunlight.  

The most normal Highvibe foods to see is organic: fruit, berries, melons, vegetables, herbs, leafy greens, seaweed, roots, avocados & coconuts.

These kind of foods carry a deep genetic wisdom about the flow of nature on this planet, that they have been programmed with for thousands of years - and they can teach our cells this wisdom in a direct way, without words,  when we eat them. The wisdom of how to handle the pressure & stress of change, so that we can live a more balanced life on earth as HuMan beings. 


They dont just have nutritional value, but they also offer elevating energy - the sunlight, wisdom, abilities & state they have.


Born Elevated

- Lotus Daynde

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Your life is an important vote on Humanities

 future state

- Lotus Dayánde

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I always consider Lady Earth & the future generations, when I create something new
I believe we borrow the planet from the future generation, and that the earth have kindly agreed to
let us live on her, so that we as beings and a collective consciousness can evolve and elevate to her
level of natural Highvibe well being, balance, compassion, love & flow with the universe
 And I personally experience that our own consciousness, awareness & inner state affects how we treat our earth and every other living being around us.
We often radiate & repeat the kind of energy with the world, that we feel inside & allow to be our reality. We see & experience the world, as we exists and experience ourselves.
Everything I create, is created with the intention that I want it to serve the elevation & well being of humanity, the planet, all living beings & the future. 
I believe that the more we focus on creating well being for all and invest our energy in creating well being for all, the more do we allow & create it into reality. 
That is why compassion, earth care, love, kindness, wisdom, embodied experiences, elevating tools & consciousness are core values of my Highvibe services & platforms.
Compassion is our ability to prevent & soothe pain, while love is the universal force that makes everything thrive. When we consciously choose & act with compassion and love, kindness emerges, which is our ability to make seemingly opposites merge in a balanced, respectful way where they can coexist in harmoni. 
You are perfectly you - I know  there is space for a many truths in this universe, as there is beings that have a truth. I believe the truth is the sum of all truths. There is space for bothness.
- All love