Let's nurture & elevate it - so you can access your innate potential to love, serve & elevate yourself, humanity, earth & the future even more

                                            - Lotus Dayande

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Why are you on earth, beautiful Human? What kind of experiences, choices & vibrations are you here to radiate, allow & share with Humanity & this planet?
My answer would be whatever makes me vibrate with JOY, because joy is our natural state -  and I experience the purpose of me is me, which feels like my natural state, which is joy. 
 When I was 20years old, I downloaded the word 'Highvibe' in a deep & profound meditative state. I had no any knowledge about the term Highvibe from before that day. The only thing I knew about Highvibe, was the pure messages and guidance that began to flow through me, after the word  came to me and unlocked something inside me. A Highvibe channel. 
Since then, a part of my mission on earth have been to share about Vibrational intelligence, to support people in consciously allow more Highvibe energy of JOY,
wellbeing and balance in their life (and the world). 
That is why I support Humans in elevating their vibration (emotional state) and energy (inner state) into their unique expression of Highvibe wellbeing, balance and JOY, by sharing about Highvibe living, yoga, food and consciousness
I do it, because I believe that the more moments of wellbeing, balance and JOY
you experience - the more moments of JOY, balance and wellbeing
does the world and Humanity experience as a collective. 
My way of serving the world, is through Library Of Vibration Elevation, my writing, my words, my Highvibe food recipes, Kundalini Yoga and
by supporting Highvibe missions.
Welcome beautiful HuMan


L.O.V.E. readings

Intuitive readings, here to mirror your inner knowing back to you and

create clarity & awareness 

Let Our Vibration Elevate

Compassion & LOVE
Besides being a Kundalini Yoga teacher & a channel for everything Highvibe, I also
have a M.A. in psychology and communication, specialized in Compassion,
empathy and LOVE.

In my (lifelong and academic) research, I have gradually concluded that LOVE is the driving

force behind all well-being in the universe.

Love is the nutrition that causes everything to grow, regardless of where we focus our love.

 Love does not distinguish, and does not know good and bad . Love nourishes and elevates

everything its focused upon. 

Compassion, on the other hand, is the ability to distinguish between destructive and

nourishing, and the ability to prevent and relieve pain.

When we consciously work with, and are guided by both love and compassion, then we have an awareness and a solid fundation for choosing  Highvibes of balance, well-being and joy - and elevate our self, the people around us and our future.

And ultimately HuManity & the future of this planet.

Library of Vibration Elevation

the LOVE #theLOVE #LetOurVibeElevate

Elevate your wellbeing, genius &

energy now you can elevate your life, humanity, the planet & the future even more


the L.O.V.E. is here for you with elevating Highvibe tools like Kundalini yoga, living food recipes, point of views and much more.  

Feel lighter, happy and healthy by elevating your vibration (emotional state) and energy (inner state).

the L.O.V.E. is here to elevate the state of humanity, earth & the future - one person at the time.


Living our highest potential is an ongoing process, in every moment. And only you know what you need to show up, and  embody your highest vibe and potential. 

the L.O.V.E. shares hands-on tools & consciousness that takes from 3minutes to 90minutes, to support you in choosing your highest vibration and most elevating state in every moment, no matter what you experience in the moment.


You intuitively know what you need to feel better.

You have all that inner wisdom you need, sometimes we just need some tools & point of views to remind us, and activate our intuition & consciousness.

the L.O.V.E. is a online library, that you can always take with you wherever you go.

We basically see ourself as the Highvibe place to hang out, no matter where or when you need it.

Library of Vibration Elevation

the LOVE #theLOVE #LetOurVibeElevate

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